Building Management Systems that meets your needs

Our Services

Site Maintenance

Tailored site maintenance to meet the needs of each site and client. Covering both mechanical plant and heating control systems.


Full upgrades for older generations of Allen-martin control systems to the Eco System controllers. With fully interactive and easy to use graphics.

Technical Support

Experience technical support providing help when needed. Our support is tailored for each client's requirements.

About Us

allen martin SW ltd was started in 2019 in order to support, manufacture and continue development of allen-martin products, that are installed on thousands of sites across the UK.

We work with qualified skilled engineers and construction industry professionals to provide you with reliable on-time services.

allen martin SW is a subsidiary of Bonney and Jarman ltd.


Allen martin eco system is a group of products designed to work with over 30 year of allen martin BMS heating control systems. Incorporating easy to use graphics and user interfaces with a built-in webserver allows the eco system to be an easy and cost-efficient upgrade to any heating system.

Simply by changing any of our central controllers will give you all of the benefits of our eco system.

Next Generation Graphics

Controlled locally and/or remotely from a web browser interface, giving access to sharp, dynamic scalable vector graphics that can be re-sized live, remaining in proportion, whatever screen size they are viewed on.

Real time energy monitoring

This is a standard feature built into eco system controllers allowing the user to monitor any part of the heating system. No software needs to be installed as the information is viewed and displayed in a standard web browser and can be exported to .csv format for use in spreadsheets.

ecoview is a custom graphics display which can be viewed in multiple locations at once throughout a building from PCs, tablets and information displays, so that all building occupants can be aware of their effect on the environment. Daily, weekly, monthly and annual energy consumption can be displayed along with live calculations showing carbon footprint data and amount of CO2 produced.

Backward Compatible

Backward compatibility is fundamental feature of all allen martin systems. The customer will always have the cheapest possible upgrade paths. Our products have all been designed so that the 'field equipment' (outstations. sensors, etc) need not be changed when a system is upgraded. This not only saves on the cost of the hardware but also removes the need for potentially expensive installation of field equipment.